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Jiya interiors blend up with efficiency of delightful living. We have designed to embrace the dynamic lifestyles of today. Jiya interiors cater to change needs in furnishing at an edge at an aesthetic supremacy with additional functionality.

We provide furniture finish from fully wooden finish to a high end high gloss finish. We also provide bedroom sets in a numerous variety of designs and palette to choose form. Compared to bed, bedside tables, dressers and many more will fulfill all your requirements of comfort of your bedrooms and storage.

Dining tables are available in many configurations to meet the needs of all. It’s the combination of material right from complete wooden to wood and glass to suite your user requirements which has become a unique part of any design.

Wooden Flooring:

Wooden flooring is a design feature in its own right and can transform a room, both aesthetically and functionally. Take a look at these tantalising options - from parquet herringbone patterns and engineered oak boards to reclaimed wood and painted floors - with different styles suited to different rooms of the house.

False ceiling:

Each and everyone loves the first impression and the same applies to your homes. We always love to wow our clients and with designer false ceiling. You can now browse through various array of classy, adventurous, cheerful and artistic false ceiling designs for a effective décor which leads to an enviable first impression. Ceilings are one of the main elements of an interior space as they provide the maximum unobstructed view of working spaces.


Renowned for 100% genuine hand painted artworks that reflect contemporary interior styling, United Artworks has established itself as a trusted source for quality and design driven artworks that are fully customisable. Jiya Interiors to a curated and distinctive range of artworks and furnishings where careful attention is paid to subject matter, materials and color palette. The collections resonate strongly with interior designers and home decorators with fully customizable options.

Civil works:

Our dedicated civil works handle the construction and execution of all aspects of interior design for both commercial and residential projects. Jiya interiors can make use of basic civil works required in refurbishing, remodeling, renovation or a new interior design services.


Our work includes all rooms and space area within the house. A house can be decorated with various color options, designs, patterns and painting textures. Our painting works provide good color combination and pattern for painting the interiors.

Marble Flooring:

Our Marble flooring works are suitable for bathrooms, entryways and fireplaces, living and dining areas. Our Marble floor works are also used for both interior and exterior flooring applications.

Carpenter works:

This takes lots of effort to make your house altogether. Each and every household requires a perfect fix or may have a loose door knob which needs tightening. We offer wide range of carpentry services from small as installing door stoppers to bigger jobs such as building furniture. Our highly trained and skilled carpenters fix your services in eminent manner.


Landscapes play a vital role in connecting the spaces with the nature around. Architecturally spaces should be well linked with the nature and it should actually take a form along with the landscape rather than forcing landscape into the left out pockets. The blend between the hardscapes, soft-scapes and the built forms actually help to enhance the quality of a space and make it more likely to be a boon rather than a burden on the nature or the external environment. Similarly, landscapes should not be limited up to the structure or the plinth level. Extension of landscape into the interiors make the structure porous with green scapes acting like the necessary catalysts to achieve the supreme connection with the nature and external environment.